The 2010 Scavenger Hunt is happening right now!

Nearly every accessible area has a 'DK Coin.' Collect these coins to earn points toward prizes! Additional details are available above the courtyard in the Battle Arena, found at the warp pipe at your local pier.


DK Coins have been scattered across the world, waiting to be collected. Prizes will be awarded based on how many coins you collect (and points you earn). There are no signups, everyone is a winner! See details below:

  1. The Scavenger Hunt ends no earlier than September 15.
  2. There is exactly one DK Coin in each completed area on the areas list as of the time of this message, for a total of 72. This includes the two starter cities.
  3. Zork and Lasacul do not have DK Coins.
  4. You will receive 1 pt for every -unique- DK Coin you find by the end of the Scavenger Hunt. You may also turn them in to Ageatii if you have 10 or more.
  5. Amazy Dayzee petals are also worth 1 point.
  6. Additional bonus points will be given out under certain conditions, see the Game Room for more details.
  7. If a DK Coin was recently taken from an area, it will not reset while players roam inside it.
  8. These coins melt when you drop them from your inventory, but also stay with you when you die.
  9. You may only use one character for this event.
  10. Anyone caught giving away DK Coins or their locations will be disqualified, on top of other consequences.

Bonus PointsEdit

The following titles offer bonus points. You may only win a specific bonus once if it has more than one winner.

Gold | Pts NAME               Winner |Requires
         1 Reckless         -  Many  |Get killed by Amazy Dayzee
  100    1 Fast Hands       - Kolem  |Be the first to find a DK Coin.
  100    3 Speedy Explorer  - Radiata|Be the first to find 5 DK Coins.
 2000    5 Great Explorer   - Kolem  |Be the first to find 35 DK Coins.
 1000    1 Cool Collector   -  Many  |Find 35 DK Coins. (doesn't stack
                                     |              with Great Explorer)
10000   15 Amazing Explorer -        |Be the first to find all 72 DK Coins
 5000    5 Perfect Score    -  Many  |Find all 72 DK Coins (doesn't stack)
  100   10 Green Thumb      -  Many  |Collect 10 daisy petals
  500   20 Weed Whacker     -  Many  |Collect 25 daisy petals
 1000   25 Flower Power     -  Many  |Collect 50 daisy petals
  500    1 Master of Time   -  Many  |Retrieve the Sylvere Crystal
  500    1 Master of Nature -  Many  |Retrieve the Ageatii Lantern
  500    1 Invention Master -  Many  |Retrieve the Carsanquay Shell
  500    1 Master of Death  -  Many  |Retrieve the Dreadite Cape
         ? BOSS CHALLENGES  -  Many  | See boss for more details
CoD NPC  Legendary Explorer -        |Get the most points

Boss ChallengesEdit

  • An immortal must be present to ensure you complete a challenge correctly
Gold | Pts | Level |Challenge
   50    5 |   <5  |Beat the Imp King and Monkey Mistress in 5 minutes
   50    3 |   <26 |Complete R-Y Factory ruins with R66-Y intact
   50    5 |   <30 |Massacre Safari Zone without using Pokemon food in
                    10 minutes
   50    3 |   <50 |Beat the 7 Robot Masters in Final Weapon in 7 minutes
   50    4 |   <56 |Beat Ozzie, Flea and Slash simultaneously
  100    5 |   <60 |Beat Xaphan without using artifice
  100    5 |   <70 |Beat 3 Gorvas simultaneously
  500    5 |   <90 |Get to the end of Jungle of Illusion in 30 minutes
                   |while Mushroomized the whole time
         3 |  ANY  |Complete the Professor Spruce quest in 5 minutes
         3 |  ANY  |Beat Czar Dragon without taking damage
  100    5 |  ANY  |Defeat a fully powered Emperor Ing
        15 |  ANY  |Beat the ghosts of Cyx, Bahamut, Pumki and Madoushi
                   |in 10 minutes (must complete the relevant quest first)
        10 |  ANY  |Beat Culex
        10 |  ANY  |Beat Maou Mudo in 2 minutes
 1000   10 |  ANY  |Beat Augurtor, Terrator, Anemotor and Pyrotor in 1 hour


Prize list in progress!

Pts  Prize                            DETAILS
1    100 Gold                         Fast cash!
1    Scavenger Hunt Giftcard (1 Pt)   Must give this to someone else
2    Voucher for a Corpse Retrieval   Morgues can get expensive..
3    Ores Grab Bag                    Receive 3 random crafting items
4    a heart-shaped box of chocolates Contains 16 random chocolates
                                      with powerups
5    Scavenger Hunt Giftcard (5 Pt)   Must give this to someone else
5    a restring token                 Change how your item looks
10   Scavenger Hunt Giftcard (11 Pt)  Must give this to someone else
10   Rare Ores Grab Bag               Receive 3 random crafting items
                                      of value >= 10000
10   a Piece of Heart                 Collect 4 for +50 Max HP
35   a Frog Suit                      Worn about body (armor)
                                       AC: 25  25  25  20
                                       Lets you swim, makes you slow
                                       saves -3, resist water
                                       Vuln disease, poison, fire
50   Scavenger Hunt Giftcard (60 Pt)  Must give this to someone else
50   Free Fish Bait and Pickaxes      For a year
50   a Motorcycle Helmet              summon your own motorcycle!
                                      lvl 100 'Phantom Motorcycle'
                                       Rod- cooldown: 20 minutes.
                                       AC -20, Dex +2
60   Kuribo's Stocking                Worn about body (jewelry)
                                       Dex +3, resist piercing
75   Oocoo Jr.                        Worn in float slot
                                       Lvl 100 'Word of Recall'
                                       Rod- cooldown: 5 minutes. 
                                       saves -5, Con +2
75   a dainty cup of Ageatea          if you're very thirsty..
100  a scavenger's backpack           friggin huge backpack
                                       Max 400 items / 1000 pounds
                                       Weight reduction to 5%
                                       AC -10, saves -2, Str & Wis +2
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