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Level Range: All
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Crysta is a small farming town south of Truce.


The town of Crysta exists only because of the nearby Guardia Fields.

Nobody remembers exactly when it was incorporated into a proper town of Guardia from its previous state of simply being a place in the country where a bunch of people lived.


A magic pot in the Weavers' Hall can sprout magic seeds.

There is a windmill but it's not very interesting.


Several stores exist in Truce, selling equipment for novice adventurers. A few of these shops have items catering to higher-level adventurers as well.

A carp pond on the west side of town has a nearby shop for Fishing gear. This is the easiest and cheapest place around to get a fishing pole and bait.

A pet shops specializes in low-level golems and Magikarps.


Crysta exists near the border between Guardia and Fa'Diel, wedged in between forests and mountains. Because of this, there's only one road in or out of town, on the east side of town.

Even once beyond the singular town gate, one still has to travel through Guardia Fields to get anywhere.

No airships service the town, and there are no canals or shorelines to travel via water.


Most of Crysta's population is rural farmer-types.

The mayor is Ark.

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