Cosmo Canyon
We were too cheap to put up safety rails but we got these neat torches everywhere!
Source: Final Fantasy 7
Builder: Rune
Level Range: 21-30
Linked: Yes

Cosmo Canyon is a modest town of a communal nature, nestled inside a canyon north of Truce Canyon.



  • There are a number of small stores throughout the town that seem to mostly appeal to tourists, a large source of revenue for Cosmo Canyon, as well as a pub and an inn.
  • The Cosmo Candle is a holy bonfire that protects the canyon. Said to have only gone out once, it provides eternal warmth and illumination to the residents of the canyon.
  • Within Bugenhagen's observatory, the Solar System Project is a miniature model of the world. It assists his continuing studies of the planet.
  • There are a handful of shops in the canyon offering a wide selection of materia, medicine, armor, and weapons.


The Loftarasa Range can be found north of the town and Truce Canyon is located to the southwest.

Travel within the town is entirely done on-foot due to the rugged terrain. Numerous stairways have been carved into the sandstone for people to move around on but good luck driving a truck or something through here.


Populated predominantly by Humans, Cosmo Canyon is still host to a handful of other races, evidenced by at least one Koopa-run shop.

Law, Government, and PoliticsEdit

Bugenhagen, elder of the Bugah Tribe, serves as elder and mentor to the canyon's residents. Following in his father's paw prints, Red XIII keeps vigil over the canyon, guarding it and its inhabitants against danger.

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