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The Cosmic Guardians were a clan but they aren't around anymore. Their headquarters were in Gigan Canyon.

Members Edit


Cyx was the leader of the Cosmic Guardians. A man with few words most the time, he trained himself mostly in the arts of being a strong monk warrior. He often referred to two teachers he had as a young boy when training new recruits for his clan. This clan was a group known as the Cosmic Guardians and then when they were mostly wiped out it is said he lost all meaning to even live due to being tricked as to who had done this deed. Many knew of him during his days of adventuring but as time rolled by very few ever wonder what became of him. Sometimes the wind catches just night to hear his name being echoed across the lands.

Other Members

Other members that I can recall are Fewa, a similar saiyan monk warrior, and Alexia, a hylian with a talent in the field of music.

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