Clan Halls Edit

All owners are responsible for providing their own room descriptions. This does not include object or mobile descriptions, I can write those unless you want to provide those too. This also does not mean that I will not help you/rewrite it if you ask.

By default, Clan Halls are considered to be larger than homes because they are designed for multiple people. All clans begin with three rooms by default and may purchase up to three more. Clans are also exempt from an extra fee for being constructed in an exotic location, because the very nature of many clans requires a certain amount of secrecy or centering around places of importance.

  • BASIC: The basic clan hall requires 3 immortal tokens, 10,000 gold and at least one room description already supplied.
    • Max 3 rooms.
    • One entrance with a locked door and as many keys as you like, max 1 per guild member.
    • Any door without a lock or plain useless objects (decorations) without special features are included free.
    • One basic piece of furniture (regenerative objects like tents, containers).
    • If there are at least 2 rooms, a merchant NPC can be convinced to open a shop (Max 10 different items, 'common' only. Stocked items are permanent.)
  • FORTIFIED: 1 immortal token, 1 immortal token per room as-you-go, 20,000 gold and all 3 basic rooms written.
    • Max 6 rooms.
    • One guardian NPC who will only let in specified names (guild members usually). Negotiate other functions (healer, banker)
    • One entrance with a locked, pickproof, nopass door. (Can be separate from guardian, who counts as a 'second' entrance)
    • Any previously normal door can be locked, with 1 key, and made pickproof.
    • Two advanced pieces of furniture (regenerative objects, fountains, buff caster, locked container)
    • Merchant NPC broadens stocking ability (better items, perhaps shots of alcohol)
  • ROYALE: 1 immortal token per upgrade, all 6 fortified rooms written.
    • A second Merchant can be added to carry an additional 10 items. 5,000 gold
    • Merchant inventory can be modified for 1,000 gold per item removed (free replacement of the new item).
    • All lockable doors become nopass.
    • All basic furniture becomes advanced furniture (free keys for locked objects, max 1 ea.)
    • One advanced furniture for 2,000. You can do this one multiple times.
    • Restring any one thing (a room description, an object, a guardian...).
    • One room for 2,000. You can do this one multiple times, to a maximum of 8 rooms.
    • Other funky stuff is negotiable! Want a portal to a special place? Can do, but it'll cost you...
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