Age: 24 Years
Race: Jumi
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

Calaveras is a jumi with a core of gold. She is originally from the Jumi gypsy tribe of the Highlands, but was sent to Gold City for a more noble upbringing. Why the gypsies would do such a thing is anyone's guess, but with her they sent Quinn the Quartz as her knight. She is an adequate healer, able to restore many injuries and enchant weapons with many auras. She is best at defensive magic, however, and has very powerful Barrier and Dispel conjurations.

Although the ultimate goal of their quest is unknown, the Knight and Guardian pair have been seen in many different places. As a pair, Quinn and Calaveras travel from town to town, selling what they have acquired when they get there and spending all of the profits just as quickly. She is known to be very pushy and outspoken when she wants something, but Calaveras has truly good intentions behind most of her actions and never stoops to the rude or injurious.

Skills and Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Discern - Like many priestesses, Calaveras can read the outer auras of other people and determine their intentions.
  • Mend - Completely mends minor maladies like cuts, bruises, and sprains. Can be cast repeatedly, but cannot mend major wounds on its own.
  • Barrier - Creates a circular wall of force in front of the target, about 5 feet across.
  • Flash - Either a vivid, blinding flash of light or a gentle illumination that lights up the immediate area over a period of time.
  • Esuna, Dispel - Esuna cures almost any unnatural ailment; Dispel destroys barriers and other positive spells.
  • Bless, Curse - Blessing a target makes them more accurate, luckier, and removes any curses upon them. A nasty curse makes the target more vulnerable, less lucky, and can carry any sort of vengeful maladies (Calaveras is a gypsy, after all).

Elemental Sabers

  • Moon Saber - Enchants the target's weapon with a golden aura that drains life from its victims.
  • Ice Saber - Enchants the target's weapon with biting frost that freezes matter where it cuts.

Because Earth is diametrically opposed to Calaveras' natural moon innate, she cannot use earth-type spells without the aid of most of the mana spirits.

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