Cactuar Island is a desert island inhabited by nomadic Ranboobs off the west coast of Fa'Diel. You can get there from Viorar.

Cactuar Island
Jumbo Cactuar!
Source: Final Fantasy 8
Builder: Ziddar + Benamas
Level Range: 41-50
Linked: Yes

History Edit

2 - Huanglong, the Mana Dragon of Earth, buries the Mana Palace of Earth beneath Cactuar Island.

111 - A group of explorers land on Cactuar, seeking the Mana Palace of Earth. They die.

167 - First settlement of Tonberries.

180 - First settlement of Ranboobs. The Ranboobs drive the Tonberries further below the surface.

Sights Edit

Sand Boils Edit

They are holes in the ground that periodically shoot out spurts of hot air and sand. Some of them are even big enough to go down, but that generally is not recommended.

Mana Palace of Earth Edit

The Palace of Earth is one of the eight Mana Palaces that fell into the Cleft of Dimensions. It is generally assumed that Huanglong destroyed it when it buried the palace, but the more optimistic scholars believe the palace is still intact.

Huanglong One of the Mana Dragons, Huanglong desired to protect the Mana Palace and the Mana Seed within at all costs, burying it beneath the surface even against the will of the Mana Spirit Gnome. He is believed to still be guarding the palace, resting beneath the sands of Cactuar.

Scorpion Cave Edit

A large cave packed full of deadly scorpions of all shapes and sizes. Home to several misleading creatures and at least one bad joke.

Travel Edit

Cactuar Island is a large desert island somewhere in the northern part of the Noctog Ocean. It is off the west coast of Fa'Diel and the south coast of Iktoa.

A ferry from Viorar comes here once in a while.

Inhabitants Edit

Ranboobies Edit

Ranboob inhabit most of the island, and their main dwelling is just below the surface, where the temperatures remain moderate and there is some source of fresh water. They haven't acquired any language but their own, and are largely avoidant of the rest of the world.

Tonberries Edit

Tonberries inhabit the deeper regions of the island, where there is much less light. They seem to like digging a lot. No one knows why they are digging, but it might have to do with the Mana Palace being so close to their home.

Wildlife Edit

A bunch of cactuar bounce around the place a lot. They're pretty funny looking, but quite dangerous. Other wild animals are almost nonexistant.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

Though the Ranboob and Tonberry inhabit this island, there is little actual government or order. The most official person is the Ranboob chieftan. It is uncertain what he actually does. They don't take kindly to outsiders.

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