Cleft of Dimensions Wiki

Certain rules must be followed when submitting an application to become a builder.

  1. Be at least level 50 before submitting your application.
  2. Application must be a note to ALL immortals, titled: Builder Application
    • You may also email us your application. Post a titled note if you do so.
  3. Applicant must submit a minimum of 3 room descriptions.
    1. Descriptions must be at least 255 characters long.
    2. Descriptions may include extra descriptions (keywords within the room description that can yield further descriptions.) Extra descriptions are encouraged and have no minimum or maximum size.
  4. Applicant must submit a minimum of 2 object descriptions.
    1. Must include the short description. ex. (an apple)
    2. Must include the long description. ex. (A small red apple is seen here.)
    3. Must include the extra/full description. (What you see when you look at it)
  5. Applicant must submit a minimum of 2 mobile descriptions.
    1. Full descriptions must be a minimum of 255 characters long.
    2. Must include the short description.
    3. Must include the long description.
    4. Must include a response for when you TALK to the mob.
  6. Descriptions should be well formatted and include minimal spelling and grammatical errors.
  7. Must include two detailed descriptions of sample quests/events that, to the best of their knowledge, will work reasonably within the code of this MUD.
    • The samples do not need actual code with them.
  8. Application must be easy to read and properly organized.

An applicant may not necessarily be accepted even if they follow all of the guidelines. Respect the Staff's decision. We don't care if you build/code/own another MUD, you still must follow the guidelines. The reason for the level requirement is to demonstrate your dedication to the MUD. Applicant may also be subject to an interview with the Staff.

  • Concerning those who become Builders.
  1. Your first area shall contain a maximum of 50 vnums.
    1. 50 room vnums, 50 object vnums, 50 mobile vnums, 50 mprogs.
    2. 200 vnums in total. No one can waive this rule.
  2. Your first area cannot be a city or any other specifically residential area.
    • No first area can contain any shop unless authorized by a staff member.
  3. Only higher immortals have access to mprogs (for security reasons).
    • If you need an mprog in your area, ask an immortal of status ADV or higher.
  4. Repeating room descriptions are mostly unacceptable.
  5. Abuse of privileges (see help rules), will not be tolerated.
  6. Your area must be complete (descwise) within a month or you shall be fired.
  7. Fail to log on within this time period and you shall be fired.
  8. Should a Builder quit or be fired while an area is in progress, the Staff may still use it and edit it as they see fit.
  9. All areas are subject to revision by Staff if necessary.

-Ageatii, Head Builder