Battle Arena
Battle arena
Source: ???
Builder: Immortal
Level Range: All
Linked: Yes

The battle arena is a place where players can gather to beat the snot out of each other in a controlled environment. All rooms in the actual arenas have the Arena flag set, meaning that players that die lose no XP and don't leave a corpse (meaning that their equipment is completely unharmed). They are teleported back to their recall point, however. There are currently three separate arenas and the Utensil Wars minigame.

Sewer MazeEdit

A large winding sewer with multiple floors and a few traps. Great for a game of tag, or chase and evade.

Rugged CavernsEdit

A small arena with multiple different environments to battle in. Not much to do other than battle here.

Death ChamberEdit

An arena filled with traps and rooms that tend to turn out area damage on anyone who wanders into them. There is a fountain in the center that randomly refills with a healing grape soda.

Utensil WarsEdit

A war between the Armies of Foon and Spork has broken out... and you are one of the commanders. Find out more at Utensil Wars

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