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Every month or so a completed area will be randomly selected (via Research Randomizer) to be reviewed by anyone interested. Both staff and players are invited to directly edit the page but please do not modify other comments. Please use the best possible spelling and grammar you are capable of. Please write constructive reviews and do not include verbal attacks. Your review does not have to follow any specific format though I can make a template for those unsure of what to say.

Feel free to add a review for an area even if the month for it has already has passed.

All players who review an area will receive their choice of a restring token -or- an amount of gold equal to 50 plus the min recommended level of the area times 5. (A review of a level 10-15 area would net you 100 gold).

November 2006: Example

Area Reviews

Dec 2006: Saturn Valley

Jan 2007: Zork

Feb 2007: Joel Island

Mar 2007: Monotoli Building

Apr 2007: Frosty Forest

Jan 2008: Donut Plains

Jun 2008: Madra Ice Field

Jul 2008: Zigolis Swamp

Sep 2009: McNeil Woods

Oct 2009: Lelanol's Lair

Nov 2009: Angel Tower

Dec 2009: El Nido Triangle

Jan 2010: Cactuar Island

Feb 2010: Haunted Wasteland

Mar 2010: Arlia

Sep 2010: Sea of Wonders