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This is normally mostly hidden under a kimono.
Activity: Apathetic
Form: female reploid
Element: Ice
Influence: Storms and Weather

Arctic governs over the balance of seasons, although some say she longs to cast the world into eternal winter and is merely holding that desire back. She is almost obsessed with maintaining balance, and only intervenes in the affairs of the Cleft when some natural duality is threatened.

Avatars: Taldidar

Followers: Frigid Maidens

Monuments: The Temple of Arctic


Level 103

HP: 9000 MP: 9000 MV: 1000


Snow Walk: 10 MP - Can teleport self to any snowy area

Whirlwind: 20 MP - Create a vortex of swirling air that entraps opponents and pummels them with debris

Coldfire Barrage: 30 MP - Bombard the opponent with freezing blue 'flame'

Auto Skills:

Ice Affinity - Arctic's HP and MP are boosted by 500 when in a snowy area

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