Angel Tower
Source: Breath of Fire 3
Builder: Arilothas, Benamas, Ageatii
Level Range: 81-90
Linked: Yes

Angel Tower is a horrible place full of monsters.

It's in the Myrkur Mountains somewhere.

History Edit

1 - Lelanolian Dragons move out of Angel Tower shortly after the transplant into the Cleft, due to an enchantment that shrouded the surrounding region in eternal night.

< 20 - Some dragon hunters are imprisoned within the tower by the Lelanolians.

100 - An army of undead escape the Underworld and start some shit in Myrkur, eventually overtaking Angel Tower. With the aid of the Immortals, some big nice dragons prevent the army from advancing any further, eventually destroying most of them.

Sights Edit

It's an abandoned tower full of monsters. Tourists probably aren't common here.

The Seeing Stone One of four, this Stone allows the user to see what the other Stones see.

Travel Edit

It's in the northern reaches of the Myrkur Mountains. One has to travel through a lot of rocky terrain and past some dragon guards to even get here.

Inhabitants Edit


Dragon hunters who called themselves Guardians were imprisoned here a while ago. They were not allowed to leave the tower, and none of them have been seen for a very long time.


This tower is a beacon for the dead, because it is so close to the Macabre Tombstone.

Dark Creatures

Mysterious creatures that thrive on the darkness wander the tower. Their origins or appearances are unknown.

Law, Government and Politics Edit

The tower used to belong to the dragons of Lelanol, but they believe the place is cursed now. They still keep an eye on it these days. Because the tower falls under the dominion of the Mana Stone of Moon, the Beast Kingdom claims it and the region around it belong to them. The Beast Kingdom doesn't really care about the tower that much, though.

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