Cleft of Dimensions Wiki

ARMs are the magical inventions which the New Luberia guild uses. They always take the form of a piece of jewelry.

ARMs are divided up into types:

Nature ARMs produce effects that effect, power up, or can be produced by natural forces. One example is the ARM of Flame; another would be the Electric Eye.

Weapon ARMs take a wide variety of forms, but they are used primarily to attack directly. Examples include the Ring Dagger and the Lumina Revolver.

Dimension ARMs encompass anything involving teleportation, transportation, or pocket dimensions. The Hex Hat and the Zipper are good examples of pocket dimensions; Andarta is the best example of a teleportation ARM.

Guardian ARMs are very powerful and summon a creature (or multiple creatures) when used. However, they drain a lot of power from the user, and the user is rooted to the spot while a Guardian is out.

Holy ARMs are miscellaneous ARMs which are universally beneficial to the user. Some heal wounds, some remove fatigue, and others can form a shield to defend from attacks; Most importantly, some Holy ARMs can lift the curses used by Darkness ARMs. White Rain is a Holy ARM.

Darkness ARMs are the most powerful ARMs, but their power comes with a price. Black Rain will put its victims to sleep and slowly poison them, but the longer it is used, the more wounds are 'sliced' into the user's body, starting with the arms.


Guardian ARM: Jimnote shift - This was made with seaweed, salt water, an aquamarine ring, and giant eel skin.

Holy ARM: White Rain and Darkness ARM: Black Rain - Made simultaneously from the same batch. A diamond pendant, an onyx bracelet, a purple rose, Veldt sleeping poppies, King's Yellow, Milky Well water, and medical herbs. White Rain also smells like peppermint when used ... Mordoba may or may not have had a mint in her mouth when cooking this one up.