The Scavenger Hunt Begins Now!

A Chobin Hood has set up a tent north of the Temp Agency in Truce. He has two scavenger hunts to pass out!

The Dayzee hunt is on! A massive influx of deadly flowers have invaded the Cleft. Collect Dayzee petals and redeem them at the location mentioned above for the chance to receive rare prizes. Hayzee Dayzee has also fallen into the Cleft. Its petals can also be used.

Scavenger HuntsEdit

For this hunt you may partner up with another person, but giving away answers to others is strictly forbidden. Spoiling the event for others or constantly prying for hints is grounds for punishment. When you believe you have the correct answer, post a note to Immortal with "Scavenger Hunt" in the title and the answer in the text body. Only the last relevant note of the day will be counted when you post. Prizes are given out once per player, but you may choose which character receives said prizes.


All three Dayzee types are difficult to destroy, but are flagged as "raidmob", which means anyone can gang up on them, grouped or not. Dayzees have a random chance to appear in any area level 50 or greater.

Star MapEdit

The Chobin has a Star Map to pass out. You may work with others to solve this hunt, and may find that you will need their help in the end.

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